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Grand Slam Clay

Playing tennis on a clay court is still the ultimate feeling for a tennis player. Optimal grip, ball control and the capacity for sliding makes a gravel court the favourite for game comfort.

Such a court has a few restrictions, there is the strong reliance on weather and season, also intensive maintenance is required.

In the daily management of outside facilities, the weather is often the spoilt-sport. To eliminate this drawback, Desso has developed a new concept which brings together the advantages of gravel and the reliability and ease of maintenance of artificial grass.

Based on years of expertise gained in the production of artificial grass courts, Desso has developed a surface made up of mono-filament artificial fibers that hold the in-fill optimally whilst still allowing free movement.

Thanks to this clay tennis court construction, the top layer does not compact: an important factor for allowing water drainage and preserving the playing characteristics over a long period.

These features make Desso Grand Slam Clay the ideal surface for tennis clubs that require easy maintenance courts that provide their players with a year round opportunity to play tennis.

The simple and minimal maintenance of this surface also makes it the ideal choice for the private tennis player.

Desso Grand Slam Clay

Playing characteristics of a gravel court

  • Consistent ball rebound
  • Optimal grip
  • Sliding comparable to a gravel surface
  • Optimal shock absorption for muscles and joints
  • Constant play characteristics thanks to mono-filament fibre

Confidence, for player and facility manager

  • Tennis independent of weather and season
  • Optimal drainage due to the open structure
  • Ready to resume play quickly after rain
  • Prolongs the outdoor tennis season: useable winter and summer
  • Can be used in either indoor or outdoor facilities

Minimal maintenance

  • Brushing 1 x day rather than after every match as is the case with gravel
  • No extra maintenance necessary to prepare for the season
  • Shoes and the area immediately around the court also stay clean
  • No top-layer fibrillation due to the mono-filament fibre construction