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ETC Sports Surfaces are a UK based limited company with over 25 years experience within the tennis court construction, artificial sports surfaces and multi use game areas industry. We have worked as tennis court contractors & all weather pitch contractors on various jobs with Councils, Contractors, Schools & Private Clients.

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News - Rejuvenating Artificial Grass Pitches
The end of the football season is usually met with disappointment, but for football clubs and schools this break is a crucial time in the maintenance programme for all weather pitches. After an entire season of heavy use, the summer break presents an ideal time to inspect artificial grass pitches and make any necessary repairs ahead of the new season. The fact that your artificial football pitch will be left unused for six weeks or more whilst football boots are temporarily shelved means that a more intensive inspection can take place and, if needs be, any large-scale repairs and maintenance can be carried out without rushing to meet tight deadlines. In this way you can ensure that you protect your investment and also make sure that your artificial grass pitch is a safe and enjoyable playing surface for the new season.
News - Protecting Your Porous Macadam Tennis Court
As we head towards the late spring months the tennis scene is hotting up, with the clay court season fast approaching on the horizon. Of course, tennis is one of the most widely played sports throughout the year, with very few breaks. That partly accounts for the popularity of modern porous macadam tennis courts, which do not carry the same seasonal constrictions as traditional clay or grass courts. But that also means that if you are a tennis court owner you need to be on top of your maintenance programme to ensure that your synthetic sports surface continues to deliver. Thankfully, porous macadam tennis courts require surprisingly little maintenance, making them a great option for sports facilities where tennis is played all year round by large numbers of players. By planning and sticking to a modest but regular maintenance schedule you’ll ensure that your tennis court remains at the top of its game so that your players can remain at the top of theirs – all year round.
News - Maintaining Your Artificial M.U.G.A.
Multi use games areas have become incredibly popular in recent years – largely due to their adaptability which makes them perfect for schools, leisure centres and other versatile facilities. Investing in a M.U.G.A. therefore makes a lot of sense commercially, but it’s vital to take regular maintenance into account to ensure that you precious synthetic sports surface stays up to scratch. Artificial sand filled MUGAs represent a more significant investment than their porous macadam counterparts, and maintenance for the two does differ. This article is concerned with the former, in particular how to establish a sound maintenance programme to get the very best out of your multi-use games area for many years to come.
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