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ETC Sports Surfaces are a UK based limited company with over 25 years experience within the tennis court construction, artificial sports surfaces and multi use game areas industry. We have worked as tennis court contractors & all weather pitch contractors on various jobs with Councils, Contractors, Schools & Private Clients.

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News - Preserving Your Artificial Tennis Court
One of the most enduring and popular sports played in the UK, tennis is enjoying something of a boom in recent years. That’s partly due to “that” hype-rich gold medal won by Andy Murray in 2012. But it’s also a result of significant efforts to promote the sport - with its unique combination of speed, stamina and tactics - to a new generation of youth and amateur players across the country. So if you own or run a tennis court facility, that’s good news for you. But make no mistake about it, tennis players demand the very best from their courts if they are to keep coming back. The precise yet fast and furious pace of tennis means that artificial sand-filled tennis courts must deliver from all angles – playability, performance and perfect lighting conditions – to allow players to practise their sport effectively.
News - Caring for Your Porous Macadam MUGA
Multi use games areas have taken the sports arena by storm over recent years, largely due to their adaptability to different sports and usage levels. That makes them the ideal partner for sports facilities looking to accommodate players who are keen to practice their sports all year round. Schools, leisure centres and colleges are just some of the facilities that benefit from today’s state of the art MUGA constructions. When you own a multi use games area, it’s therefore more important than ever that you make sure your pitch is cared for carefully. Not only will this make sure that your MUGA doesn’t cost you additional money in heavier repairs, it will also generate maximum usage of your synthetic sports surface, hence bringing in more income for you and your facility. Even if you own your pitch on a private basis, it’s still important to invest in maintenance to ensure that upkeep is regular, economical and achieves maximum enjoyment out of the pitch you have invested in so carefully.
News - Rejuvenating Artificial Grass Pitches
The end of the football season is usually met with disappointment, but for football clubs and schools this break is a crucial time in the maintenance programme for all weather pitches. After an entire season of heavy use, the summer break presents an ideal time to inspect artificial grass pitches and make any necessary repairs ahead of the new season. The fact that your artificial football pitch will be left unused for six weeks or more whilst football boots are temporarily shelved means that a more intensive inspection can take place and, if needs be, any large-scale repairs and maintenance can be carried out without rushing to meet tight deadlines. In this way you can ensure that you protect your investment and also make sure that your artificial grass pitch is a safe and enjoyable playing surface for the new season.
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