surfaces / Artificial Grass (Clay)

Here at ETC Sports Surfaces we provide a wide range of tennis court construction services. In particular, we specialise in clay tennis court construction and resurfacing for schools, colleges, tennis clubs, leisure centres and private properties.

Playing tennis on a clay court is the ultimate feeling for a tennis player, offering benefits of a gravel court, such as optimal grip, ball control and the capacity for sliding. Based on years of experience, Desso developed the Grand Slam Clay tennis surface that brings together the advantages of gravel and the reliability and ease of maintenance found with artificial grass.


The Grand Slam Clay tennis court surface is made up of mono-filament artificial fibres that hold the in-fill optimally whilst still allowing free movement. Thanks to this clay tennis court construction, the top layer does not compact, an important factor for allowing water drainage and preserving the playing characteristics over a long period.

These features make Grand Slam Clay the ideal tennis court surface providing players with a year round opportunity to play tennis. What’s more these clay tennis surfaces require minimal maintenance with brushing once a day rather than after every match and no extra maintenance necessary to prepare for the season. With optimal drainage due to the open structure, these clay tennis court surfaces are also ready to resume play quickly after a period of rain.

Many suppliers offer some form of artificial clay tennis court surface, however only a few have mastered the exact characteristics that deliver the feel of a natural surface.  At ETC Sports Surfaces we have preferred suppliers who provide the best artificial clay tennis surfaces in the industry and our expert sports surface contractors are on hand to advise you on the best solution for your facility.



At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer the following clay tennis court construction services:

  • Clay tennis court construction for indoor and outdoor facilities
  • All-weather tennis court installation
  • Clay tennis court maintenance and repairs
  • Tennis court resurfacing and repainting of line markings