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ETC Sports Surfaces are experienced artificial sports surface contractors who specialise in the construction and maintenance of all-weather surfaces for schools, leisure centres, tennis clubs and other sporting facilities.  We offer two types of asphalt, which although very similar all weather surfaces offer different characteristics and are designed with different sports in mind.

Asphalt courts are ideal for providing all-year round play with a life expectancy of approximately 10 to 12 years, subject to adequate maintenance.  An acrylic colour coating can also be applied, which greatly enhances the appearance of the asphalt court, prolongs the surface life and makes it less susceptible to softening in warm weather. The colour coating has a play life of between 5 and 6 years, providing adequate court maintenance is carried out.


Here at ETC Sports Surfaces we offer two main types of all-weather asphalt surface. The ETC Tennis Playmac, the perfect tennis court construction, as the asphalt is porous and can be played on soon after any amount of rain. These all-weather surfaces are the most practical of tennis court surface, offering medium ball bounce and speed and requiring minimal maintenance throughout the year.  We also offer the ETC Multi Playmac, a less porous surface than the asphalt tennis court, designed for higher impact sports, such as football, netball and basketball.  This surface is a stronger, more durable option.

For optimal play performance and surface longevity it is important to carry out essential maintenance on your all weather sports surface.  At ETC Sports Surfaces, we can provide a range of sports surface maintenance services for asphalt tennis courts and multi-use games area’s (MUGAs). 

Our experienced sports surface contractors provide a free site-visit, consultation and professional advice to help you choose the most appropriate all-weather sports surface for your facility and requirements.


At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer the following all-weather asphalt surface services:

  • Construction and maintenance of asphalt tennis courts
  • Asphalt MUGA construction, maintenance and repair
  • Installation of the ETC Tennis Playmac and ETC Multi Playmac all-weather sports surfaces
  • Acrylic coating for asphalt surfaces