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At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer a variety of synthetic grass surfaces ideal for football and rugby pitches. In particular, we specialise in 3G pitch construction and maintenance for schools, sports centres, football and rugby clubs and training facilities, meeting a wide range of facility specifications and sporting requirements.

Every club and sports centre wants to make optimal use of their facility without the worry of bad weather conditions and cancelling games.  That’s why artificial sports surfaces, such as the 3rd generation pitch are increasingly popular for clubs and facilities, with the 3G turf quickly becoming an investment that shows an effective return. What’s more the revolutionary technology behind the 3G pitch means that players can enjoy the look and feel of natural turf with all the benefits of a hardwearing, weather and stud resistant surface.


3rd generation pitches are split into two broad varieties.  The dynamic base, which is a hardwearing, cost-effective choice of synthetic grass surface or the non-abrasive engineered base, considered the optimum 3G pitch with the ideal look, feel and endurance, providing the right shock and slide performance.

A major advantage of modern all-weather artificial pitches is their adaptability.  Your 3rd generation pitch can be adapted to fit your ground’s size and club’s budget and the 3G surface can be finished in a number of ways, including two-tone turf to emulate the look of a natural turf.

With a range of specifications to consider, our expert sports surface contractors will be happy to discuss the options with you to ensure you choose the most appropriate 3G pitch to meet your facility’s requirements.



At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer the following 3rd Generation pitch construction services:

  • 3rd generation pitch construction for rugby and football grounds
  • 3G football pitches designed to meet amateur and professional levels of play
  • Artificial grass surfaces with dynamic or engineered base options
  • 3G pitch maintenance, repair and refurbishment
  • Sports pitch fencing and floodlighting
  • All-weather pitches in a variety of sizes with characteristics of natural turf